The Case of the Slow Mac (and how to fix it)

Note: There have been reported issues of some people have increased trouble with their systems when trying the process outlined here on 10.6 Snow Leopard. Proceed at your own Risk if you are running 10.6. This has successfully worked with 10.5 A couple of weeks ago I was testing out … Read more

Macbook Air Movie Machine Recipe #1

Now that author Dan is the proud owner of a Macbook Air (MBA for short), he’s also been going without his favorite DVDs. We’ll overlook the fact that he also owns a large HDTV and pretend he would really prefer to watch his movies outside in the shade on … Read more

Time Capsule’s Hitachi “Server Grade” Drive?

The folks over at AppleInsider couldn’t resist opening up their new Time Capsule to see what was really inside. I think the most revealing discovery is the “server grade” drive is a Hitachi Deskstar drive found everyday desktop computers. In addition, these drives are used in Apple’s xserve line so … Read more

Be Drive SMART

I had a co-worker who talked about the “great hard drive crash of 98”, in which his computer drive failed and he lost tons of data. Even worse, he was in the middle of school and most of his projects were on the drive. Could disaster have been prevented? It’s … Read more

Apple TV Take 3 Recipe

Apple recently unveiled a software update to Apple TV, calling it Apple TV Take Two. Remember the joke that Microsoft would get it right at version 3 (whatever “right” meant)? Whether that will be true of the Apple TV or not remains to be seen. In the meantime, we can … Read more

Time Capsule vs. Airport Extreme

Our home wireless network has undergone several changes. We adopted early to a pre 802.11n router provided by Belkin. I refer to those as the bad old days where our wireless signal would drop at the slightest hint of traffic. Eventually, we replaced our Belkin router with a new Airport … Read more

Using Speakable Items for Fun and Profit (or at least for fun)

Besides all of the really useful features that makes OS X stand out from Windows, there is also the spoken user interface (also known as speakable items). This nifty (big) little feature gives demonstrates how well polished the operating really is. The spoken user interface was developed mainly to assist … Read more