Bing for iPad

As we mentioned the other day, Microsoft has come to the iPad. While Microsoft’s Office product isn’t part of the deal, their search engine app is top notch. If we can expect to see similar apps in the future from Microsoft then it would really be an interesting partnership between … Read more

iPad App of the Week: TripAdvisor

The summertime vacation explosion is set to begin in mere weeks.With the TripAdvisor iPad app, you can plan far-flung vacations, or discover what’s right down the street.I’d love to pack up the family this summer and go gallivanting around the world, or at least the coastal area of the southeastern … Read more

Spotlight Searching With the iPad

After a few days of even minimal calendar, email, and app use, you’ll need to find something on your iPad. Here’s how to use the Spotlight page to search for  it. I have my Google calendar synced to my iPad, and with a busy family and business, I’m sure I … Read more

Cleaning-Up the Home Screen: Creating iPad Folders

I’ve had my iPad 2 for about three weeks now. I already need some organization of my apps. Fortunately, iPad makes creating app folders simple. With thousands upon thousands of great free apps, and thousands more paid apps, the potential for page after page of apps on your iPad is … Read more

Bento vs. Toodledo iPad Productivity

Ever in search of the perfect productivity app, I’ve been comparing Toodledo to Bento for iPad. Both are exceptional, but there’s a clear winner, in my estimation. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve been a devotee of Toodledo for some time. Bento is a relative newcomer to my iPad. … Read more

It’s Not a Toy: The iPad at Work

With a 3G enabled iPad, business can get seriously streamlined. There are lots of iPad apps well-suited for business, but a couple of iPads linked-up through Google’s free services, a few free apps and simple Internet access can save time, cut confusion and costs, and make money. I was talking … Read more