Make F5 Refresh the Browser on a Mac


One of the most annoying things to me about switching over to a Mac was that F5 no longer did a full refresh on web pages. I do my fair share of web projects, so I’m constantly refreshing pages. For the first month of owning my Mac, I hit F5, … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Goes Trolling With The “New” iPhone 5

This video made me chuckle.  Jimmy Kimmel hit the streets with an iPhone 4S, but told people it was the iPhone 5 and asked for their review.  Somehow, inexplicably, even some iPhone 4s owners believed that Kimmel’s phone was faster, sturdier, and higher quality than what they had!  This is … Read more

The Hottest New Magic Prop: The iPad?

When I was a kid, I was really into magic.  Like, really into it.  I did shows all the way up through college, and got paid well (at times) to do it.  But its been 10 years since I’ve done anything serious and I’m not well practiced.  So, I don’t … Read more

What to do with a Fraying Mac Power Adapter

Fraying power adapter Closeup

I got my first Mac about 14 months ago – a MacBook Air.  Its a great laptop that I use for almost everything, and I’ve found it superior to my old Dell Powerbook in almost every way imaginable.  But being a new Mac convert, I wasn’t hip to the proper way … Read more

The iPhone 4: Born to Break

The iPhone 4 is a beautiful device, I’ll give it that.  I’m an Android guy, I love the Nexus line of phones, and I have no intention of ever buying an iPhone, so there’s my bias.  Thats not to say that I hate the iPhone.  I would definitely recommend the iPhone for … Read more