This Targus MacBook Air Bag Gets an A+

Ever since purchasing a MacBook Air a few months ago, I’ve been on a quest to find the best accessories for it.  Given the innovative form factor and performance of the MacBook Air itself, one can’t just settle for mediocre accessories.  Like good movie characters, the accessories must play a … Read more

Skinit on my MacBook Air: A Review

I’ve recently set out on a quest to find great accessories, paraphernalia, and protective covers for my semi-newly purchased MacBook Air.  When I do something, I do it big – and switching to Mac from PC is no exception.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a series of articles … Read more

Enable the PDF Viewer in Chrome for Mac

pdf viewer for Chrome for Mac

For a while I assumed that the native Chrome PDF viewer did not exist on Chrome for Mac.  I was so accustomed to it on Windows, but when I switched over to Mac, I just figured that PDFs had to be downloaded to be viewed… after all, it is the … Read more