iChat Plugin: Chax

Like Safari and many of the other Apple applications, iChat supports custom plugins that allow you to customize or optimize your iChat experience. One great plugin for iChat is Chax. Chax is made by the same developer that brought us WARP for Spaces and adds some great features to iChat. … Read more

Microsoft Exchange support coming to MAIL?

Last week apple announced a number of software features and additions to the upcoming release of iPhone 2.0. One of the most significant features was the support for Microsoft Exchange servers. Now users will be able to access their work based email with full Microsoft Exchange support on their iPhone. … Read more

How To: Import your iWeb Blog to WordPress

iWeb, Apple’s website creation application that comes with each new Apple computer is designed to allow users to quickly create websites and blogs. While the process is quick and simple it also lacks some of the more complicated features that you see in many blog sites today. If you’ve created … Read more

Mac + Wii + HDTV = MacWiiTV

We’ve discussed in previous articles about how we wanted a little more from AppleTV and mentioned how to create a more powerful media center. One item that adds some additional enjoyment to your media center is the Nintendo Wii. We also mentioned ways to sync up your wiimote to your … Read more

Import Gmail Contacts to Address Book

Update: Follow these steps to import gmail contacts to your iPhone directly. I know that one of the frustrating things about switching from one computer to another is the process of moving things like your address book may gets lost in the shuffle. Moving From a PC to a Maccould … Read more