How To Use Your Wiimote As Your Mouse

I came across an application that enables the use of your Nintendo Wiimote on your Mac. DarwiinRemote can be downloaded at Its a small application that uses both the motion sensors or the IR sensors to allow you to navigate around MacOS as you would with your mouse. 1. … Read more

How To Hide A File or Folder On A Mac

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How to Open .rar Files on a Mac

While there are a number of different compression options available to computer users, one that is used more and more often on PCs and Linux and not as much on Macs is the .rar file format. .rar file compression is often used for a collection of files or large files … Read more

How to Select Multiple Photos On A Mac

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How To Close All Safari Tabs On An iPhone

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How To Reset Safari On A Mac

If you’re experiencing issues with Safari on your Mac, you might want to try resetting the browser to its default state. This can help fix problems caused by misbehaving extensions, corrupted data, or other issues that might be causing problems with the browser. Reset Safari By Clearing Cache Here’s how … Read more