WWDC 2011 Expectations: Apple’s Cloudy Future

Apple’s 2008 Worldwide Developer Conference brought us the App Store. In 2009, we got the iPhone 3GS. In 2010, Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone 4. What will 2011 bring us? For years, WWDC has been the platform that Apple exploits to present the world with incredible products that make the … Read more

It’s Time To Fix Apple’s Confusing Product Lineup

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Apple’s products have a somewhat odd pricing structure. But why is this so? For a company that has prided itself on keeping things simple, they certainly have created a complex situation for consumers. Where do you even begin? In order … Read more

Microsoft: From Tech Almighty To Epic Catastrophe

Microsoft has been king of the desktop for nearly two decades. But then something happened — while the rest of the world found prosperity in the mobile revolution, Microsoft lost its way. Apple, in particular, revolutionized industries and changed the game for what a computing device could look and feel … Read more

Apple’s Next Move To Retain Music Dominance?

Music sales accounted for $1.24 billion in revenue for Apple in the fourth quarter of 2010. Sounds impressive, but it actually only accounts for a small amount of the overall picture. Apple, theoretically, could survive without music sales altogether, but it doesn’t mean that it is time to give up … Read more

How Will We Survive The Post-PC World?

No, it isn’t the Apocalypse — and I’m sure the loss of life will be minimal — but the world without PCs seems like a terrifying thing. No more command lines, filesystems, customizations, and tweaks? Can we cope with such drastic changes? The PC is dying. But don’t take my … Read more