Machinarium: Pointing-and-Clicking the Future

Machinarium, developed by the independent Czech studio Amanita Design, is a point-and-click adventure game that has recently landed in the Mac App Store (it had been released in 2009). If you enjoy point-and-click adventures, then Machinarium is the gem that you’ve been patiently waiting for. If you’ve never heard of … Read more

Mr. President and His iPad

In a stunning reversal of his previous claims about the iPad as a “distraction” device, the Leader of the Free World, Barack Obama, has confessed to using a computer, a Blackeberry and an iPad. At his commencement speech at Virginia Hampton University on May 11th in 2010, Obama stated, “information … Read more

Tablisto: One-Stop Reading Destination?

The new Dutch created Tablisto aims to improve your iPad reading experience by providing one central location for all of your reading needs. Tablisto’s essential proposal is: why use a collection of readers on your iPad when instead you could use just one? Tablisto allows you to read pdf documents, … Read more

Adding More Icons to Your iPad’s Bottom Tray

Are you tired of the dominance of those four familiar faces in the bottom tray of your iPad: Safari, Mail, Photos, and iPod? Have you looked longingly and wished that you could have easier access to youtube or thought with much frustration that you don’t have any photos on your … Read more

March’s Madness on iPad

We at Maciverse are constantly in search of ways that you can push your Apple devices to their full potential. Over the past few weeks, the NCAA March Madness On Demand App has given us a little glimpse into the future of how the iPad can radically enhance your experience … Read more

Spin Play and the Future of the Magazine

As regular readers of Maciverse may have noticed by now, I’m obsessed by the iPad’s potential to revolutionize our reading experience. Though I don’t think that an electronic device can replicate or truly replace the experience of opening up a musty book plucked carefully from the shelves of a used … Read more