The Impact of Technology on the Health Industry

A few decades ago the laptop that I am currently using to type this article and the laptop you are likely using to read this would not have been available to us. It may seem like centuries ago, but the first laptop was actually developed in the 80s. Since that … Read more

Bookster Application Review On iPhone

I obviously love to write about technology! I would find it hard to live without it.  I also like to read books, and Bookster allows me to teach the love of reading to my children.  This is an application my daughter and I use every night before she goes to … Read more

iPhone App Review: heytell

  Ever heard of the application on the iPhone called HeyTell? I love this application even more than text messaging!  I mentioned this before, but I have worked in the wireless phone industry for over seven years.  I remember when Nextell came out with their walky talky phones.  This service … Read more

How My First iPod Changed Me Forever

With the holiday season upon us and Black Friday ads are appearing everywhere, I wanted to tell a story about my first Apple product. After living in a third world country for two years I returned to US and instantly heard talk about Microsoft’s Xbox, Apple’s iPod, and this reality … Read more

An iPhone Launch From A Retail Sales Perspective

Long Lines at Apple Store

The iPhone 4S day is here!  It’s estimated that Apple will sell over 4 million iPhone 4S before the weekend is over.  The devices have sold out online and now customers have turned to local Apple, AT&T, Verizon, and now Sprint retail stores for hopes of being able to get … Read more