Doorbell Cameras are the 2020 Security System

It’s hard to walk through a neighborhood these days without seeing a doorbell camera on every house. The “normal” doorbell has gone out the door, making room for the new “normal” — doorbells with cameras, motion detectors, and intercom systems.  Safety in 2020 is everyone’s main concern, you never know … Read more

5 Ways to Master the Art of the Professional Email

Every hour, most professionals see dozens of emails stream into their inbox. The onslaught of communication means hours every day spent reading, digesting, and responding to these messages. It’s those responses that can sometimes land us in sticky situations. The business world’s favored communication method might be an email, but … Read more

The iLife series, #5: iTunes Screensavers

Have you ever wished that you could display all your album artwork in a screensaver? With iTunes and the Mac’s inbuilt “iTunes Screensaver”, you can now have that screensaver ready in less than a dozen clicks. Here’s what to do. iTunes Screensaver setup First of all, make sure that your … Read more

The iLife Series, #4: the Ken Burns effect

First of all, what IS the Ken Burns effect? The first time I heard the name, it reminded me of high-school physics and chemistry. But that is not it at all, unless you confuse a presentation and archival technique with laboratory science. Named after the documentary film maker Kenneth Lauren  … Read more

The iLife series, #3: What you can do with iPhoto

The iLife set of programs is designed to manage the entire collection of photos, music, movies and multimedia projects on any Mac. In the beginning, this can be quite confusing for people who are used to the simple file-and-folder type organization. But once you get used to having your media … Read more

The iLife series, #2: iDVD themes

In the last post, I walked you through the basic uses of iDVD. This time around, we’ll talk about compiling a DVD from scratch, and customizing it to levels beyond what the Magic iDVD wizard allows. Using iDVD themes, you can create customized menus and chapter screens for your DVD, … Read more

The iLife series, #1: The simplest ways to use iDVD

iLife is one of the most useful utilities available on the Mac. The combination of GarageBand, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and iWeb lets people record and archive their attempts at creating art or memories, with minimal effort and maximum convenience. Though iTunes has been cut out of the “iLife” label in … Read more