iWeb – Website Creation Made Easier With Automator

Automator_512.jpgWe often talk about ways to enhance your Mac experience by using automated actions. Additionally, many Maciverse readers have created or continue to create websites with iWeb. With that in mind, I suggest that all iWeb users download and install the iWeb Action Pack for Automator.

With the iWeb Action Pack for Automator you’ll be able to quickly and easily add photos and video to your iWeb site. The action pack includes:

  1. Add Images to Blog
  2. Add Movie Pages
  3. Add Movies to Blog
  4. Create Photo Album
  5. Get Image URL for photos on Page

Each of these will take the media passed into it and create a blog page or normal page with the corresponding information. If you’re a big photo blogger, video blogger, or just want to make it faster and easier to update information on your website, the iWeb Action Pack for Automator is for you.