Automator Tip of the Week #2: Convert Movies To iPod Format

By Dan Hinckley

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Automator_512.jpgThis weeks Automator Tip of the Week is small but useful: Convert Movie to iPod Format.

While there are a number of different movie file formats that work great on your Apple computer not all formats work well with your new iPods. This Automator task makes converting all your movie files to an iPod friendly format easy.

To convert your Movie files to an iPod ready format add these two automator steps:

  1. Find Finder Times – Do a search to select your movie files that are not yet in iPod friendly formats
  2. Export Movies – This allows you to export your movies an iPod format

Once Automator has found the movie files, it will open them one at a time and convert them to an iPod format that you can quickly sync with your iPod and take them on the go.

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