Automator Tip of the Week: iPhoto Library Browser

Automator_512.jpgIf you’ve ever wanted to quickly browse your iPhoto library to drag and drop photos to another application but wanted to do so with out opening iPhoto itself… than this Automator tip is for you.

To create an iPhoto Library browser that can be accessed system wide:

  1. Open Automator
  2. Select Photos from your Action Library
  3. Drag Action – Ask for Photos to your workflow

Now that you’ve created your automator workflow you need to setup your system so that you can quickly access the iPhoto Library Browser throughout OS X.

Which Photos?.png
  1. Save your workflow as plug-in (Save As Plugin-in) as a plugin for Script Menu
  2. Open AppleScript Utility from your Applications folder
  3. Check “Show Script Menu in Menu Bar” – This will add a Script icon to your menu bar that you can access saved scripts from

Now that you’ve created the iPhoto Library Browser script and added the Script Menu to your menu bar you can quickly and easily open your iPhoto library any time you need to access pictures but without having to open iPhoto itself.

From here you can find your pictures and drag and drop them to the location or application of your choice.

*Note – Selecting the pictures and clicking the Choose button will do nothing – you must drag and drop the photos to the location or Application of your choice. *

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