Back To My Mac For Free

One of our recent tutorials explained how to get the most out of OS X 10.5 Leopard’s screen sharing capabilities through your home area network or accessing a friend’s screen through AIM. Another aspect of Screen Sharing is having the capability to get back to your own desktop when you’re away from home. recently posted steps to allow you to gain screen sharing access to your home computer when you’re out and about. A rundown of the steps needed to gain Back to My Mac for Free access is listed below. For additional details on each step check out the article.

  1. Enable Screen Sharing in System Preferences
  2. Setup FTP access
  3. Enable Access from outside the network
  4. Launch Screen Sharing from another Mac computer outside your home network
  5. Enter your home ip address
  6. Access your files

Following these steps will get you Back To My Mac access for Free.