There is even an app for that

If you’re planning on drinking and driving, first off, DON’T! It’s just not worth the hassle, the potential injury, and all the costs associated with it. In order to help you know when you should not be driving, there’s a great tool and app for that:

BACtrack Vio Smartphone Keychain Breathalyzer for iPhone

This is exactly what it says, a miniature breathalyzer that hooks on to you rkeychain and works with your smartphone to tell you what your BAC is. The app that comes with it also has a function to track your drinking habits. If you insist on driving yourself to and from the bar, and want to make sure you can still do it legally, this is a must have. It’s $50 on

Now there are times when you are legal to drive, but you still get pulled over and could potentially face charges if you don’t know your rights. You’re going to have to find a very well organized lawyer to fight on your behalf. There are lots of app designed by lawyers to help you out, like this one.

Oh Crap! App

An Iowa law firm created this app, which is designed to educate you about your legal rights when you are pulled over for things like DUI.  It will notify an on call attorney and can record the conversation between you and the police and store it on a secure server for use in court later if things come to that. The creator of the app said he was astounded at the public’s lack of knowledge when it came to their rights and wanted to educate the public on what they have to do or what they don’t have to do when they get pulled over. This app has come under intense scrutiny and is being accused of helping drunk drivers cover up their inebriation. But the creator says that that was not the intent and there is no way to cover up a DUI if the officer does everything they’re supposed to do. Now this app has been downloaded by thousands, but a word of caution: It only applies to Iowa laws, and as laws change from state to state, it may not completely apply to your state.

Now I am not in any way condoning drinking and driving. So be safe and don’t be stupid.

This article was a guest by Michael Smith.  Michael works with