Best iPhone apps for when you’re sitting down

We all use our iPhone when we have to sit for more than a few minutes. Whether we’re on a plane, train, bus, commode or a waiting room, I’m extremely glad I have this fantastic piece of technology to both stay productive and pass the time while I’m stationary.

Most of these apps don’t require constant internet access, making using them in the air or far below ground even easier. Thank god for that, as being stationary WITHOUT internet access might prompt me to sing to myself, which no one, including me, wants any part of.

Fruit Ninja (arcade mode)
One minute games to score the highest points? Yes please! When I’m sitting, I often don’t know exactly how much time I have, so quick games are the best. If I need to leave suddenly, I can always end the game without worry too much either.


Best reading app I’ve ever used. I’m constantly using my Safari bookmarklet to mark stories to read later when I have time and when I’m sitting or laying down is the perfect time. Great integration between computer and iPhone, too.

Best RSS reader for both iPad and iPhone, also soon to be released (now in beta) on the Mac, too. Offline syncing, easy navigation and quick scrolling makes this app more than simple to use. Google reader integration and all that good stuff, as well. Go buy it. Now.

The Creeps

Sort of a tower defense game, with ghosts and zombies and a bunch of other weird things. The goal of the game is either to survive or destroy the monster gate and you’re provided a variety of weapons for purchase. It’s simple, fast and always saves right at the point when you close it. Quick tip: buy the cannon and upgrade it as fast as possible before buying anything else.

What are your favorite iPhone apps that don’t require constant internet access? What do you do to pass the time when you’re sitting down?