This Targus MacBook Air Bag Gets an A+

Ever since purchasing a MacBook Air a few months ago, I’ve been on a quest to find the best accessories for it.  Given the innovative form factor and performance of the MacBook Air itself, one can’t just settle for mediocre accessories.  Like good movie characters, the accessories must play a strong supporting cast to hang with the first-class quality of the MBA without feeling off or out of place.  With all of this to live up to, I began my laptop back search, scouring Amazon, reading reviews, and looking through detailed pictures to find the perfect.  Because I’ve done all this, you don’t have to – if you need a MacBook Air laptop bag, just get this one:

The Targus Radius Vertical Messenger Bag for the MacBook Air

When I stumbled upon the Targus Radius Vertical Messenger Bag, I was intrigued.  After all, the hipsters have made messenger bags really cool right now, and you don’t really see vertical laptop bags in the business circles I run in.  I liked the idea of the bag, but I thought it was a tad gimmicky. I started casually reviewing the specs and quickly realized this bag is legit.  It has well thought out storage, seemed sturdy and protective of the lightweight MBA, yet still came in at a weight light enough that didn’t negate the whole point of the MacBook Air and how lightweight it is.  I pulled the trigger and bought it.


As you can see in the second image above, the bag features a front pocket with a number of sleeves and holders for essential devices.  In this front section you can store a mouse, charger, iPod, and a something about the size of a remote control (I haven’t figured out what that pocket is for, yet!).  One thoughtful inclusion was that, right next to the iPod pocket, is a small hole that you can thread your headphones through.  This will allow you to carry your iPod in the bag and still listen through your headphones in a streamlined fashion.

There is also a netted pocket on the inside flap of the bag.  I use this to store my iPad USB cable and cell phone USB cable.  There are also a number of other small pockets, but I think that most MBA owners are probably also fellow minimalists, so there isn’t a huge need to weight yourself down with a bunch of ‘stuff’ shoved into pockets.

The Sleeve Section for the MacBook Air

The sleeve that the MacBook Air fits into is intentionally very form fitting.  There isn’t a lot of give once the MBA is in there.  Some may find this disconcerting, but I think its the right way to do it.  A bag tailor made for the Air shouldn’t have a loose sleeve that would allow it to jiggle around, it should be tight. I usually also carry a large microfiber cloth in this pocket as I’ve found its the best place for it.

Closing Thoughts

When I first got the MBA, I carried it around in an ultra-minimalist sleeve that had no pockets and a very simple strap.  While I think this could work for some people, I needed something just a tad more accommodating.  After much research, I found this Targus bag and haven’t looked back.  I’ve received a ton of comments along the lines of “That bag looks really cool” and “I really like how that bag is vertical”.  Its unique and yet still professional enough to carry around very conservative offices.