Best of Maciverse: April 08

The traffic to has increased significantly over the past few weeks. Incase you didn’t catch all of these posts, here are the ones that have gained the most attention:

  1. 10 Ways to Enhance your Safari Browsing Experience – This article shows a number of ways to get the most out of Safari. It includes a number of tips and hints as well as some less use features that make Safari one of the fastest and most enjoyable web browsers.

  2. Import Your iWeb Blog to WordPress – Many new Mac users start their first weblog using the built in iWeb software included with each new Apple Computer. Unfortunately, iWeb lacks some of the capabilities that many users want in their blog. WordPress, a free and powerful bloging software allows for some additional customization to your blog. Use this guide to move all your iWeb posts to your new WordPress blog.

  3. OS X 10.5 Screen Sharing – One of the great additions to OS X Leopard is the ability to quickly share screens with other computers in your network or over iChat. This post will walk you through how to do each

  4. Macbook Air Passes Airport Security – I brought my Macbook Air on a recent trip to test out how Airport Security would react to the thin and wonderful device.

  5. MacWiiTv – Follow the instructions in this post to connect your Mac, your Nintendo Wii, and your HDTV to gain one amazing Media Center. Use your Wiimote as your mouse and launch FrontRow with a single “A” button click.

Another interesting article to check out is 4 Steps to Turn RSS Feeds into Audio Files. Use this to pull your favorite RSS feeds from the web, convert them to mp3s and load them onto your iPod for the go.

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