Best of Maciverse August 08

Things have been going well at and we’ve appreciated all your comments, feedback, and emails. Below are some of the more popular articles the bast few weeks.

  1. Install OS X Leopard On a Flash Drive – If you want to have a safety net for times when you’re having hard drive trouble, you may want to have a bootable version of OS X on a Flash Drive.
  2. Sync iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook – This tutorial takes you through the needed steps and tools to keep your iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendars all in sync.
  3. Re-Installing OS X on Macbook Air Wirelessly – Need a fresh install of OS X on your Macbook Air and don’t have an external DVD drive? Step by Step instructions and screenshots will show you just what to do.
  4. Quick Reboot to Windows – Boot Camp users will be interested in this script that will help them quickly reboot into Windows XP or Vista.
  5. The Case of the Slow Mac, and how to fix it – Having speed issues with your Mac? These instructions may help you speed them back up!

Let us know if there are any hints, tips, or ideas you’d like us at Maciverse to explore!