Best of Maciverse: June 08

By Dan Hinckley

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June has started off strong again for Maciverse with a number of first time visitors.  As always We love to hear feedback and appreciate everyone’s comments.

Below are some of the most read articles at Maciverse over the past few weeks:

  1. The Case of the Slow Mac and How to Fix it – Noticed reduced performance in your Mac lately?  Check out this article to see what may be your problem.
  2. Does your Mac need Virus Protection? – See what Apple’s official stance on the subject is.
  3. Virtualbox, Parallels on a Budget – Want to run Windows on your Mac but don’t want to spend the money… Read up on the Free solution.
  4. Add Holidays to iCal – A quick tip on how to quickly add Holidays to your iCal calendars.
  5. iPhoto Sharing with Picasa Web – Another way to quickly share your iPhoto pictures with people over the web.

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