Best of Maciverse: May 08

May has already been a great month here at Maciverse. We’ve appreciated everyone’s comments on the articles we’ve posted and the feedback we receive. Below are some of the more interesting articles at Maciverse over the past few weeks. If you haven’t already read some of these articles now is your chance to check them out.

  1. Add Forms to iWeb Pages – If you’ve wanted to get feedback from users or allow visitors to your site to provide data and you’re an iWeb user, this article describes how to gain that functionality for free.
  2. Restore Safari with Time Machine – If you ever need to look back on your browsing history after you’ve reset Safari or cleared out your history then use Time Machine to restore your Safari history.
  3. Trackpad Gestures for Other Applications – New Macbook Pro and Macbook Air users are really enjoying the trackpad gestures with the standard Apple applications. Now you can add these gestures to all your other applications.
  4. Control your Mac with Twitter – has really started to gain in popularity. In addition to providing up to date information to your followers about your activities or websites, you can now also control your Mac with twitter messages.
  5. Adium: 5 Must have extras – Adium may be the best IM client on the Mac. These 5 must have extras make your IM experience that much more enjoyable.

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