Bookster Application Review On iPhone

I obviously love to write about technology! I would find it hard to live without it.  I also like to read books, and Bookster allows me to teach the love of reading to my children.  This is an application my daughter and I use every night before she goes to sleep. Yes that is right! I use an application as part of the nighttime for my children. Reading to my little girl has created such a bond between us and that is the main reason I love Bookster.  Bookster is available on the iPad as well as on an iPhone. It was created by a company called Imagine Learning. Imagine Learning specializes in helping English Language Learners (ELL) and struggling readers learn English.

How Does it Work?

Like iBook and many other reading library applications, Bookster includes a newstand or bookcase with a collection of books.  The cool thing about Bookster is that the first two books are free! After that each additional book is available for only $1.99. Another great aspect of the app is that it’s incredibly easy to use. My two year old navigates to the application and then opens a book. She can flip the pages by a simple swipe of her finger from right to left. Kids often struggle with computers and the mouse and keyboard interface but a touch screen and well structured apps make navigation that even a 2 year old can use it.

The stories in the app have some great features also. All the books have a Narrator function where the book will read itself to the child. Also my two year old can touch on word in the story and Bookster will reread the word she touches. The next feature is by far my favorite.  I can actually read and record my voice instead of the Narrator. I travel often with my job so if I am not at home to read, my wife makes sure my daughter still gets to hear my voice.

One More Step To a Paper Free World!

As mentioned before, the main reason I love this application is because of the bond it builds between my daughter and I.  The next reason I love this application is because the books are all digital! I love reading books electronically.  I was so excited when this technology was introduced to the public, because it will essentially save trees! I can imagine in a few years our children will be amazed at the number of trees that we use to use to make paper for the books we read once and then set on our bookcases to gather dust.

Overall Bookster allows me to teach my children about technology and reading. It’s also a plus that the digital approach to children’s books has a positive impact on the environment. I would recommend this application to anyone who loves reading, and for anyone trying to learn english. Be sure to check it out for you and your kids.