Build Google Chrome for Mac

Google Chrome - Download a new browser.pngYesterday we reported on the release of Google Chrome, the Webkit based web browser from Google, and how it was currently only available for Windows users.

Although the Google Mac development team clearly stated on their blog that the Mac version of Google Chrome was not ready, they failed to mention that you can attempt to build your own, webkit based, version of Google Chrome on Intel based Macs.

Instructions for building Google Chrome on the Mac include command line instructions for how to get, configure, and load the latest Google Chrome for Mac build. We’ve had difficulties ourself building Chrome from the instructions provided but those also seem to have to do with the Google Chrome for Mac SVN servers being heavily in use today.

So, if you’re comfortable with the command line, feel free to try and download, configure, and launch Google Chrome on your Mac OS X. Let us know if you’re successful and your initial experience.

Again, this version is not an official release from Google but used to assist developers and testers working with Chromium, the open source code behind Google Chrome.