Burning CDs and DVDs on a Mac

In this digital world, it seems like almost everything can be stored on your computer. From picture files, to videos, to documents, spreadsheets, contacts and many more. The computer has become more than just a tool to increase productivity, it has become our electronic journal, capturing the many memories of our lives.

With all those digital memories comes a need to ensure that all our files are backed up in order to avoid the limitless hassles of losing vital information. In the event of a computer break down, due to system error or physical destruction or even cases wherein your computer has been stolen, you may lose the computer but if you are prepared at least you have the consolation of still having copies of your files.

Sometimes, backing up your files is not merely saving files to your computer but to store and save them on other media devices or through online backup methods to ensure that your memories are kept safe. In order to keep with the demands of your digital space it is a good idea to save your files not only to the cloud but also to physical media. There are two ways in which you can store your files to physical media. One is by burning a CD wherein your can fit up to 700 MB of data storage or by DVD which fits around 4.7 GB space.

Whichever way you choose to use, the Mac and OS X includes a number of ways to backup your files to CD and to backup your files to DVD.

  • If you have the iTunes, you can backup your music and video files by selecting File, then Library, and finally Backu Up to Disc. This will backup your files to a collection of DVDs
  • iTunes - Burn to Disc.png
  • Another option is to us Finder. Click on File from the menu bar and then New Burn Folder. You can then rename the folder and drag all the data you want to back up. Click on the Burn button when all your data is ready for backup.
  • For DVD or CD image files you would like to edit in the future, you can use the Disk Utility application to burn your files. From Finder, go to Applications then open Utilities, then find the Disk Utility application. The burn command is found on the main window. Choose an image file you want to burn and you can start. If you choose the command to “leave disc appendable” you can return to this session in the future.
  • Disk Utility - Burn.png
  • Burn is another burning software for Mac computers that enables the creation of different kinds of discs in a really easy way. You first have to choose the kind of disk you want to create such as Audio, Data, or Video disks. Next is to choose the files you want to burn. You can simply drag and drop the files on to the main window. After you have chosen all the data, you must rename the disk and then you can now click on the Burn button. The Burn application is said to be the easiest of all ways to back up your files.

While it is a good idea to have physical media for your backup needs, secure and essential backup options also should include an online backup method. Mac Online Backup allows you to store the most recent versions of your files and not have to worry about loosing them in cases of disaster or theft. The also offer another safety check should your and CD and DVD backups go missing.