One-Third of Business Owners Don’t Feel Protected Against Data Breaches

Business owners have a lot to worry about. From overseeing the daily flow of the company, to innovating and bringing to life the next product or service, to keeping customers and employees alike happy, there’s certainly no shortage of things on the average business owner’s to-do list. But one thing that should be at the top of everyone’s list, no matter what kind of business it is, is network security. 

A recent survey by Versa Networks found that 90% of business owners agree with this—reliable network security is important. In fact, just 2% say it’s not. But that’s not enough for the 45% who either have first-hand experienced or personally know someone who has experienced a data breach of some kind. 

That same study also found that when asked how protected they feel against data breaches, 28% are either indifferent or unconfident in the measures (or lack thereof) they have in place. While it may be time-consuming to parse out which technology is most effective, or even necessary at all, clearly it’s worth the hassle in the long run. 

Data breaches come in many forms but often come as a result of avoidable vulnerabilities, such as weak credentials. Being proactive and stopping incidents before they happen will save you substantial time and money. 

Setting up a firewall, VPN, antivirus software, or other preventative measures is an expense. That’s extremely true for the half of business owners that say a lack of funds and resources is the biggest roadblock for obtaining network security. But facing the repercussions of a data breach could be a multimillion-dollar expense that could be detrimental to a company. 

So whether you own a company in the tech space or a local fashion boutique, it’s clear that checking in with your line of digital defense is invaluable.