Catch When “The American” is Playing at

For as long as I can remember, the place I would find the highest quality movie trailers was on Apple’s website. A large collection and searchable library of movie trailers were available at and made it so you could quickly and easily watch high quality trailers of the movies in the box office.

Apple was one of the first sites to offer HD trailers that were streamed through their Quicktime application to users. Today, Quicktime is still used, but HTML5 is also another option for viewing movie trailers served by Apple. Fiber Optic services like Verizon Fios makes HD video sites, like Apple’s Trailer site, an amazing experience.

In the early days of HD trailers, you’d start the process and come back 20 minutes later to actually watch the trailer. With increased bandwidth comes increased happiness as now watching a full trailer in HD quality from is just a click away.

The American - Movie Trailers - iTunes.png

Find Movie Show Times At

Apple added a feature recently to their trailer website that made it easier for site visitors to find when and where the movies the trailers featured were playing. This new feature makes it so you have 1 less website to go to once you identify a movie that looks interesting to you. It being late and on a Friday night, I went to check the latest movie trailers to see if anything caught my eye. Now, I can quickly and easily see when and where The American is playing around me.

I must admit that The American trailer has caught my attention, and I’m not a George Clooney fan at all. I am however an assassin movie fan and thanks to the Find Showtimes feature on the Apple Trailer webpage for the movie I can easily see that I’ve already missed the last showing of the movie for the night. I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow.

To check the showtime listings for movies like The American, click the “Find Showtimes” button on the page and enter your zip code. A map will display showing the closest theaters and the times the movie is playing in your area.

Check out The American Trailer and 4 other video clips from the movie at its trailer page on Apple’s website and see if its not too late for you to catch the movie tonight.