Parallels Unlocked in MacUpdate Bundle

We recently detailed a number of software bundles that are currently available to Mac users. One of these bundles,, has come fully unlocked and thus includes Parallels virtualization software. Parallels is an amazing piece of software that really allows your Mac to do everything a computer (PC or Mac) … Read more

AT&T Website Recommends Using iPhone in 3G Network

Just a quick note, I was actively investigating the current iPhone options and plans from this At&t website today and stumbled across a paragraph that I thought was pretty interesting: After recent At&t comments that describe all of their phones receiving 3G network capabilities over the next few months, this … Read more

Blogging with Macs: An Interview With J.D.

Over the last few years the blogging community around the internet has grown at an outstanding rate. Blogs can be found on almost any topic and the number of Blog readers seems to increase daily.One individual who has come to experience a great deal of success with his Blog is … Read more