Adium: 5 Must Have Extras

If you’ve decided that you need a bit more customizable instant messaging client for your Mac than what iChat offers, Adium is for you. The ability to add extra features and capabilities to Adium is what really makes it a great IM client. Here are 5 Must Have extra features … Read more

10 Ways to Enhance Your Safari Browsing Experience

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Get the most out of Spaces Part 1: Getting Started

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iChat: Send TXT Messages

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Safari Hints and Tips Part 6: Merge Windows

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Macbook Air Movie Machine Recipe #1

Now that author Dan is the proud owner of a Macbook Air (MBA for short), he’s also been going without his favorite DVDs. We’ll overlook the fact that he also owns a large HDTV and pretend he would really prefer to watch his movies outside in the shade on … Read more