Safari Hints and Tips: Part 3 – Enhance Your Search

Most all browsers today have build in search capabilities and Safari is no different. No need to browse to Google or Yahoo’s home page to start your search as you can quickly enter your search phrase into the browser and hit search, propelling you closer to item your looking for. … Read more

Apple TV Take 3 Recipe

Apple recently unveiled a software update to Apple TV, calling it Apple TV Take Two. Remember the joke that Microsoft would get it right at version 3 (whatever “right” meant)? Whether that will be true of the Apple TV or not remains to be seen. In the meantime, we can … Read more

Safari Hints and Tips: Part 1 – Keyboard shortcuts

We’ve mentioned previously how convenient the new custom dashboard widget creation feature in Safari is but have a few additional tips on ways that you can get more out of using the browser. One Click – Tabbed Browsing One of the greatest things about Safari is how easy it is … Read more

Find Out How: Apple Video Tutorials

Since Maciverse loves to show people wonderful ways to use their new Apple products it would be silly of us not to point out how kind Apple is in creating video tutorials for us. They’ve recently updated their Mac section of their website to include Find Out How, a video … Read more

Customize your Keyboard Shortcuts

Thanks to the follows over at for pointing out how simple it is to customize your own keyboard shortcuts for the various applications you work with in Mac OS X. 1. Navigate to System Preferences for Keyboard and Mouse 2. Select the Keyboard shortcuts tab 3. Click the (+) … Read more

Import Gmail Contacts to Address Book

Update: Follow these steps to import gmail contacts to your iPhone directly. I know that one of the frustrating things about switching from one computer to another is the process of moving things like your address book may gets lost in the shuffle. Moving From a PC to a Maccould … Read more