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By Dan Hinckley

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Now that you’ve been able to pre-order and purchase your iPhone 4, you’ll want to be ready to do everything you can to keep the device in good condition as possible. This means keeping your iPhone 4 clean, protected, and durable. Especially since we see used iPhone 3GS selling for over $300 on ebay (Check out the completed listings). Your iPhone 4 may pay for itself in 2 years if you can keep it clean and protected.

We’ve mentioned previously how to clean the iPhone and the iPhone 4 won’t be much different. We expect that the special oleophobic coating on the screen will be on the front and back glass of the device. The iPhone 4 could quickly be covered with finger prints. But as we’ve mentioned previously, DO NOT clean the iPhone 4 with cleaning products. This could damage the oleophobic coating and reduce the value of your iPhone.

Apple highly recommends that you keep cleaning the iPhone 4 simple.

How to Clean your iPhone 4

To clean your iPhone 4:

The Best Way to Protect and Keep Clean Your iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is an amazing device and keeping it clean is important. Protecting the iPhone 4 from damage is also important. The best iPhone 4 protector that I personally recommend is the screens and covers made by invisibleSHIELD. The invisibleSHIELD iPhone 4 products will not only keep your iPhone 4 screen clean but they also help protect it better than any other covers on the market. Their technology comes from efforts to protect US Military Helicopter blades that they have leveraged to create the screen protection for the iPhone 4.

I’ll be looking to invisibleSHIELD to help protect my iPhone 4 and to keep it clean from finger prints. This way, in 2 years when a new highly anticipated Apple iPhone hits the market, I’ll be able to sell on ebay a “near mint” condition iPhone 4 for more than I purchased it for this week.

Have you purchased your iPhone 4? How do you keep your mobile devices clean and protected?

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