Cleaning-Up the Home Screen: Creating iPad Folders

I’ve had my iPad 2 for about three weeks now. I already need some organization of my apps. Fortunately, iPad makes creating app folders simple.

With thousands upon thousands of great free apps, and thousands more paid apps, the potential for page after page of apps on your iPad is great. I have three pages of apps and noticed today that I had horribly neglected my Weather Channel app. I simply forgot it was there until I needed it. That’s what happens when you’re “app-active.” Apps will come and they will go, but the need for organization of some or all will always be there. It helps in finding them, reduces the number of screens you uses, and saves time.

How to Create a Folder

The first step in creating folders on your iPad is to decide which apps you want to place inside. Then, you can create one or more folders containing your apps based on some logical relationship. For instance, as you can see from the images below, I chose to place my DirecTV and Flixster apps into one folder because they are for my viewing enjoyment, and great joy they are!

Next, you physically perform the creation. Place a finger on the app you want to move, or any app for that matter, until they start to jiggle, which is easily noticeable. In case you aren’t a jiggle noticer, every app will also have an “x” on the top left, which indicates they are ready to be moved.

Then, place your finger on the app you want to place in a folder and slide it on top of an app that you want to accompany the one you’re sliding. When the app you’re sliding is on top of the other app, simply drop it by removing your finger.  You’ve created a folder.

Dragging an iPad app to create a new folder

After you drop the app, the contents of the folder will be displayed.  Based upon the type of apps in the folder, the iPad will automatically name it. In my case, it was named “Entertainment.” It’s an accurate description, so I left it at that. But, you can change it at this point by tapping the text box and entering your own description.  I could have renamed mine “Awesome!,” but I chose to leave it alone.

The newly created "Entertainment" folder
You can change the name at any time by opening the folder, which is located in the same spot where you created it, and entering your text in the text box.

That’s all there is to it.

If you’re iPad 2 screen also has some smudges, it maybe a good idea to follow instructions on how to clean your iPad 2 screen.