Cobrain – Promising to Leverage Distributed Intelligence

One of the reasons I started is because I love to stay up on the latest technology.  Over the past 10 years I feel like most of the innovation for mobile devices have come from the team at Apple and I love the products they’ve developed and brought to market.  But the best thing they’ve done is make the App store.  Apps are changing the way we live and providing more and more ways to access information that just a few years ago was inaccessible .

I recently saw a tweet from Rob McGovern, founder of, that mentioned a new venture he had started.  It’s called Cobrain and appears to be looking to launch an app that will change the world by leveraging distributed intelligence.  Big words like “distributed intelligence” often catch my interest so I decided to do some more research and see what I could find out about Cobrain.

Cobrain Executive Team

In addition to Rob McGovern, Cobrain’s executive team includes John Schmidt and Jay Swearingen. John’s background appears to be in mobile development and Jay has headed IT services for multiple companies.   Combining those skill areas with Rob, who helped grow to 400 employees, is exciting.

It seems that the team is also looking for additional talent to help them bring their apps and software to market.  They have a Cobrain career page up that invites data scientists and machine learning developers to reach out to Jay for career opportunities.

Cobrain will bring apps and software that will change consumer behavior.

The App

The specific details of what Cobrain will offer still seems to be behind their “Stealth” wall but apps and software are the focus of what Cobrain is doing.  It looks like Apollo Matrix will be helping Cobrain with the development and UX for their apps.  Besides that, the only other real information I could find about cobrain was from this hubpages article.  It states that Cobrain is working with some of the biggest brands in the US to change the way consumers make buying decisions.

I’m excited to see what Cobrain has to offer.  I’ve signed up for their newsletter and hope to be part of their beta release to test and experience what they have to offer.  I’ll let you know as soon as I find out anything else.