CrossOver for Free (TODAY ONLY!)

Who ever thought that low gas prices would bring you free software!? Apparently, the CEO at CodeWeavers didn’t have much faith in the gas prices dropping before the end President Bush’s term.

Sometime three months ago the CEO at CodeWeavers promised to give away all of their software for free for one day if gas prices reached a low level before President Bush left office. Unfortunately for CodeWeavers, the sudden onslaught of recession fears and ever increasing drop in demand for oil has pushed gas prices below the level the CEO set.

And true to his word, CodeWeavers is allowing anyone to come and download free copies of their products TODAY Only (Oct 28th 2008).

Head over to CodeWeavers website now and download your Free copy of some of their products including:

CrossOver Mac Pro
CrossOver Games Mac

Be sure to provide your email address to receive the serial code for the applications you select.

*Both these applications allow you to run windows applications on OS X and outside of a virtual machine*