Dentist Worries? There is an App For That

Ever since the iPhone opened it’s doors to third party developers there have been a plethora of apps created for almost everything you can imagine.  In the early days, gimmick apps that mimicked bodily noises were all the rage.  Utility apps like Flashlights and graphing calculators have made phones a swiss army knife ready to help you overcome any challenge.    Imagine what MacGyver would have been able to do with a smart phone!

As time passes, developers continue to identify needs for new and different kinds of apps.  Recently, my children were preparing for their yearly dental visit.  My youngest son wasn’t too sure about the visit and opening up his mouth for the dentist.  Jokingly, I told my wife to check her phone for a solution.  I said, “There has to be an app for that.”  And sure enough, there is.

Little Dentists App Review

Little Dentist is a kids game that lets kids play around with the tools a dentist may use, but doing so in the virtual mouths of characters in the game.   The simple game allows you to be the dentists for once instead of being the one with different tools probing around your mouth.    It’s a fun game and simple to use.  After installing it on an older iPhone 4, we let our 4 year old play around with it.


After 20 minutes or so and hearing him chuckle every now and then I asked if he was open to the idea of going to the dentist.  He was less hesitant than before and said “sure, It’ll be like in the game”.  I explained he’d be the one with his mouth open and he thought that was silly.     When it was time to head to the dentists in Burke Virginia, he went and did a great job.   A silly app game had helped him get over his initial fear of going to the dentist.

An App For Everything

It has been a long time since I’ve come across a problem that wasn’t at least attempting to be solved by an app on the iPhone.  We live in a special time where not only is the worlds knowledge available in our smart phone, but so are apps that can help us work through almost any challenge life brings to us.