Does iPad 2 mean a new iPad for you?

I’m a reformed iPad owner. I had one for about five months and then sold it. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s that I couldn’t find a good use for it. I liked it for car trips, but beyond that, it didn’t really replace my iPhone or my laptop, so I couldn’t justify carrying it around.

As far as tech consumers go, I am definitely in the minority. Apple sold 7.33 million of these things, and could have sold many more had their global supply channels been fully stocked. Quite amazing numbers for a first generation device. A year later, it’s past time to talk seriously about when the second generation will bring us.

Some people claim two cameras, a different form factor and more ports. I don’t agree, but my wish list is a little bit different. Here’s what I would want out of the iPad 2 to make it a must-have for yours truly:

Asphalt X is going to be awesome.
1. Retina display
It hurts to look at an iPad after using my iPhone 4 all day. Try looking at neon light sculptures for a while, then recreate that on your sister’s Lite Brite – it just doesn’t work. I realize the processing power required would be tremendous, but whatevs. Make it happen.

2. Wireless headphones
I know this exactly in Apple’s domain, but why do I still have wired headphones? They’re annoying enough with the iPhone, they are nearly unusable with an iPad. The wires require you stay in one, uncomfortable position to listen to anything. And no, I don’t care about speakers. It’s annoying when people use speakers on a computer.

3. Use an input device
You’re telling me I can’t use an iPad to replace my Magic Trackpad? I can’t use it as a handprint scanner? You think I could scan with it eventually? I want my iPad to do all of these things. I want them to do them sooner than later.

4. Make a Max Headroom app
I want to be able to talk to my iPad. I want my iPad to be able to talk back. Do we not have the technology to make this happen? Imagine an assistant of sorts that could, via voice- or gesture-based activation, log appointments for us, buy, download and play music, or act as a judge of your hairstyle? You know you want this.

5. Built-in projector
Chelsea Winkel showed me an Apple TV-sized projector last week in Chicago. Why can’t I project at least the iPad’s screen onto a wall and then use as you would normally? Great way to present or show a group of people drawings or documents. I accept that it would need to be plugged in.

What do you think is next? What the next killer feature?