Don’t buy the Verizon iPhone 4?

After years of speculation, many, many wrong proclamations by the Wall Street Journal and about a week of trying to determine why Verizon would hold an announcement in NYC instead of Apple in San Francisco, we’re only a few hours away from what most people assume is the announcement of a CDMA iPhone 4 capable of running on Verizon’s network.

And Gizmodo says you shouldn’t buy it. In an article that seems satirical but ends up being completely serious, Matt Buchanan makes the argument that because the iPhone is due to be upgraded in a few months, it would be a waste to buy now.

My god Matt, you’ve just given us a reason to never buy another consumer electronic product ever. There will always be a new product in the works, there will always be an upgrade in a few months and there will always be those who complain about it.

If you hate AT&T and really like the iPhone, just buy a goddamn Verizon iPhone 4. If you need it and can afford it now, go buy it. If you can’t, wait. Seriously, the iPhone 4 is awesome and easily the best piece of consumer electronics I’ve ever used or owned.

And I’m sure Verizon’s coverage is better than AT&T’s, though from personal experience, I believe AT&T’s network is faster. Does this mean I’ll be switching to Verizon? Nope, I like being able to talk on my phone and browse the web at the same time. I don’t want to have to deal with Verizon’s growing pains as iPhone users overwhelm their network. I don’t want to pay another setup fee.

Maybe Gizmodo’s approach is tainted because of their past dealings with Apple. Maybe they’re a little bitter about how them paying for stolen property went down. Maybe they’re just using headlines as link bait for us Apple fans.

So go, Verizon customers, go and buy your iPhone 4s. Experience the awesomeness of the App Store. Enjoy the retina display and touch interface. Enjoy not having to worry about crappy software, viruses and malware.

Welcome to the world of Apple. Want some Kool-Aid?