Dynamic Desktop Wallpaper: OS X Lion

One of the primary ways that individuals customize their Macs is with the wallpaper they select for their desktop. The image you select often tells a lot about yourself and your interests.

Parents will often include pictures of their children. Husbands may select an image of their wife. Baseball fans may have an image of their favorite stadium. Others may select cars, comics, or beautiful landscapes as their personal desktop image.

But just one image for a desktop wallpaper does not always offer enough personality. Luckily, OS X Lion offers the capability to select a folder of images and periodically cycle through them. Each image is dynamically loaded as the desktop wallpaper, showing much more about who you are and what you are interested in.

How to Enable Dynamic Desktop Wallpaper in OS X Lion

To enable dynamic desktop wallpapers in OS X Lion:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Select Desktop And Screen Saver from the Personal Section
  • System Preferences - Personal.jpg
  • Next, select the Desktop Tab
  • Make sure the Change Picture: option is checked. Select 5 seconds to test your backgrounds and later change this to the time period you would like each of your Wallpaper images to remain on the desktop.
  • Click the + button, select a folder that holds the images you’d like to cycle through
OS X - Changing Wallpaper-1.jpg

After you follow the steps above your desktop background images will rotate, cycling through each of the images in the folder you selected.

Note: I personally create a wallpaper folder and select images that I want to include as my wallpaper. Adding new images to this folder will make them start to appear on your desktop. I try and find images that match my screen resolution so that they look nice. Images that are larger or smaller than your screen resolution will not always have the look you were expecting.

What type of images do you use for your desktop Wallpaper?