Email Multiple Photos from your iPhone

One of the features that was lacking on the iPhone with its 1.0 and 2.0 Operating systems was the ability to share or email multiple photos in one message.

Thankfully this was one of the features that was added with the the latest update to the iPhone OS. To email multiple photos from your iPhone you must have iPhone OS 3.0 installed, so if you haven’t already updated your software be sure to check for updates in iTunes.

To send multiple photos in an email from your iPhone:

  1. Open the Photos application and select an album you’d like to share photos from
  2. Next, click the button in the bottom left corner to interact with your photos.
  3. iPhoto.png
  4. Touch the pictures you’d like to send in an email (a red check will confirm that the image is selected)
  5. iPhoto-1.png
  6. Click the Share button in the bottom corner and then select Email from the pop-up option
  7. iPhoto-2.png

Your iPhone will now open an email message and allow you to select the individuals you’d like to send the email to. Enter any text that you’d like to go with the email and send away as normal.

You can also quickly and easily copy and delete images by following these steps.