Embed Custom RSS Feeds Into iWeb

While adding Google Gadgets to your iWeb site allows you to display articles from sites you visit often, it lacks the capability to allow you to create a custom RSS feed of information most relevant to your site and embed it onto your site to share with your readers.

Fortunately, one of their search competitors has provided a way to combine and customize RSS feeds and also a way easily add them to your iWeb sites.

To create a custom RSS feed that you can add to your iWeb site, navigate to Yahoo Pipes and login with a yahoo account. Once you’ve logged in click “Create a Pipe”. The Pipes customization page will load and allow you to start your custom built RSS feed.

For this tutorial, we’ll create an RSS feed for just Maciverse.com and add a filter to just display information that includes iWeb related articles.

To get started, we’ll need to select our Source. On the left side of the Pipes customization page click sources and then drag the “Fetch Feed” option to the workspace on the right.

Pipes_ editing pipe-1.png

We’ve added the source field but we still we need to enter the location of our source. In the open field enter the address of the RSS feed you’d like to pull information from. I entered “https://www.maciverse.com/feed/”.

Next, select Operators on the left and then drag Filter to the workspace. Select Permit for items that match all of the following. In the field below select the Content item from your RSS feed and enter a keyword into the open text field. For this tutorial, select Contains and enter iWeb.

Pipes_ editing pipe.png

Now that we’ve selected the source and filtered to the specific data that we want we can connect the pipes and see our results.

Pipes_ editing pipe-1.png

Save the newly created pipe and click “Back to My Pipes”. You’ll now see the pipes you’ve created. Select the one just created and click on View Results.

Pipes from dan_hinckley.png

Next we want to get the code behind the Pipes we created so we can embed it on our iWeb site. Click the Get as a Badge button.

Pipes_ MaciverseRSS.png

Select the Embed option to be able to grab the code and apply it to your iWeb site. After clicking on embed copy the code displayed.

Pipes_ MaciverseRSS-2.png

We’ve built the pipes for our customized RSS feed and grabbed the code we need. Open iWeb and navigate to the page you’d like to add the customized RSS feed. Select html snippet and add it to the page. In the html snippet page paste in the code we copied from Yahoo pipes.


Once the code has been applied you should be able to see the pipes details on your iWeb site and it should be ready for publishing.


This is a quick and easy way to add customized RSS feeds that are particular and relevant to your iWeb sites. If you enjoy this article, please subscribe to our RSS feed to get the latest updates on how to get the most out of your mac.