Have You Ever Had an Issue with your iPhone’s Contact List?

One of the more irritating problems you might come across on your iPhone is the poorly constructed contact list. Despite the phone being a pretty phenomenal piece of technology with constantly updated apps and software, contact information for friends, colleagues, and family is often clunky and outdated. It’s frustrating that Apple hasn’t come up with a better solution yet.

If you’ve ever experienced issues with your contact list after syncing your phone to your computer or tablet, you know what I’m talking about here. One popular discussion question in the Apple forum is just dozens of iterations of the same query:

iphone contact list

iphone contact list 2

iphone contact list 3

The list goes on.

Did you know that anytime an app asks for access to your contact list, it may be putting something in it. This might make sense for an app like Facebook where your friends list email addresses and phone numbers, but for some apps, it’s completely unwarranted and can just leave you with a bloated list of contacts in your phone.

A clunky contact list is just one simple issue that a number of people experience, but it can lead to confusion and wasted space on your mobile device. Or, even worse – you delete someone you don’t intend to because of frustration, poor labeling, or syncing mishaps.

EasyGrouper, a software company with serious contact-list know-how has heard every problem in the book – and they have a solution.

Check out “Fix My Contact List!” for some common complaints and see if your tech woes can be solved with an EasyGrouper answer.