Facelette Has Arrived

It didn’t take long for someone to come up with the idea of making a Chat Roulette like service with Apple’s new FaceTime (Now available for download on every Mac).

Earlier today on Twitter Zach Holman (@holman) announced that he had created a Chat Roulette application for FaceTime and the internet a little bit more of an enjoyable place.


Named Facelette, the application was built just a few hours after the FaceTime for Mac app was made available for public download.

Now anyone with a Mac, iPhone, or new iPod Touch can launch their FaceTime application, submit their phone number or email address at Facelette and start receiving random Video calls from people they don’t know.

The application appears to give out FaceTime IDs to those actively using the Facelette service to anyone else actively using the system. It appears there are a lot of people interested in “trying out” the new video chat feature on their Apple device. Unlike Chat Roulette, it doesn’t appear that many FaceTime users are interested in showing of their more private body parts, for now at least.

Remember if you’re interested in trying out the service that you are offering up your email address and/or phone number… The privacy policy on the home page clearly explains that the site isn’t really private as you’re offering up your own information to the public. If you’d like to keep things private, either hold back from participating in Facelette, or create a new apple account just to check the service out.

Have you tried Facelette? What did you find on the other end of FaceTime?

source: TechCrunch: Facelette