Financial Widget: Free Live Stock Prices

As the financial conditions around the world continue to grow more and more unstable, people want to stay more informed about the status of the economy.

Despite high gains last week, the Dow declined again Today over 700 points, and I was able to watch it happen right from my Dashboard Widget.

Google provides live market condition updates from their Finance.Google.Com site with real time adjustments to stock price and market conditions changing without page refreshes. With the help of Safari’s Dashboard tool, creating a Google Finance widget is quick and easy.

To create your own Google Finance Widget:

  1. Open Safari and navigate to
  2. Click the Widget Tool Button or on the menu bar click File >> Open in Dashboard…
  3. With the Dashboard Tool active in Safari, select the area of the page with the current market status and graph. Adjust the size of the widget to include all the information
  4. Safari.png
  5. ClicK Add – Dashboard should open and you should see the new Google Finance Widget displayed.
  6. SafariScreenSnapz001.png

Now that you’ve created a finance widget, you can view the dashboard to get live market condition updates though out the day.

Pull The Widget Out of Dashboard

If you’d like to keep the financial widget on your desktop all the time, download the preference application SECRETS and change the Dashboard Setting to enable “Drag widgets out of Dashboard (devmode)”.


After enabling the ability to Drag Widgets out of Dashboard, log out and back into your OS X user account.

Launch Dashboard, click and hold the finance widget and then close Dashboard (Press F4 or F12 depending on your Apple Keyboard).

If all has worked correctly, you should see the widget now on your desktop. Follow these steps again to put the widget back into Dashboard.

You can also keep up to date on your iPhone through use of the Online Trading Academy app.