Find Your Lost Or Stolen Mac

Our computers have become an essential part of our lives. We work with them daily, store our recorded lives with personal pictures and videos, and rely on them for banking, taxes, and even social connections. Our computers are arguably more valuable to us now than they’ve ever been in the past. Their importance is why it can hurt so much when they go missing or stolen.

To help protect and recover your Mac should you ever lose it or have it taken, look no further than Prey. Prey is an open source project aimed at helping individuals rest safe knowing that if anything should happen to their Mac, PC, or Android Phone they will have help tracking it down with the Prey software.

To be sure that Prey can help you when your computer is lost or stolen, you will need to install it now and setup a free account. Your account will allow you access to controls to help you detect where your Mac is and who is using it when it goes missing.

Prey includes features that will help you take pictures of the user, record the applications they are using, sound an alarm on your device letting others near your missing Mac know your device has been stolen, Pinpoint the geographic location of your Mac and keep your data safe.


Installing and Configuring Prey

Setting up Prey on your Mac is quick and easy. After you download the software from their website, install it to start protecting your computer. You will need to create an account with during setup so that you can access the software controls when your Mac goes missing.

Logging in to your account at their website will allow you to configure and control the features of software when the device goes missing. Configure it to take pictures, record the screen, and send the computers geographic location back to your prey account.

You can setup the software to send reports back to your account every 10 minutes. These reports should arrive at your email inbox and include detailed information that should help you identify where your Mac is.

While the core software is free, there is also a Pro version with a fee that allows you to install the software on multiple devices under one account. If you are worried about losing your phone or multiple Macs, Prey is the software you need to help you feel safe knowing you will be able to track them down and recover them.

Note: If your Mac ever is stolen, be sure to hand over the information you receive from Prey to the police. Getting involved with a thief is never a smart idea.