Firefox 3 is Live

By Dan Hinckley

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All.pngThe folks over at the Mozilla Project were pleased to announce the release of their latest version of Firefox yesterday.

In fact, they even went for a world record of number of downloads in a day. Firefox has been continually increasing in browser market share over the past few years and is causing Microsoft much more heart burn than say Safari itself. Even causing Microsoft’s IE team to send a cake to the Firefox team congratulating them on the release


Mozilla is confident that their latest version of Firefox will convert even more people to their browser. So, if you’re a Firefox user or just like to try out another browser, head on over to Mozilla and download Firefox 3.0 for your respective Operating System (OS X, Linux, Windows).

If Firefox isn’t for you, be sure to check out 10 ways to enhance your Safari browsing experience.

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