Fitness and Meditation Apps to Keep You on Track in 2018

If you’re like most Americans, your New Year’s resolutions include goals for getting fit, eating better and/or reducing your stress. Unfortunately, if you’re like most Americans, you also ditch your resolutions by the end of January. According to founder Ilchi Lee, “finding your true value comes not from knowledge, but from the heart.” You probably know what you need to do to change, all you need is encouragement and action. Use your phone to maximize your routine, instead of staring at it aimlessly. These fitness and meditation apps can help you stay on target to meet your goals:


  1.    Sworkit – for Android and iOS

This free app gives you multiple options for type and time of workout. You can choose strength, cardio, stretching or yoga for a sweat session. Then select how much time you have, from 5 minutes up to an hour. Sworkit gives you a session that fits your needs.

  1.    Ilchi Lee’s 1 Minute Change – for iOS and Android

This app from Change Your Energy  uses one-minute breaks each hour to change your habitual routine and get connected to you body and mind. You can choose between four categories: Core Strengthening, Stress Relief, Weight Management or Brain Enhancement and set up an alarm every hour within the app to remind you to take a minute for yourself. Ilchi Lee’s first principle for self-development is: “change your energy to change your life,” and all it takes is a single minute.

  1.    Happify – for iOS and Android

The second guiding principle for self-development is to “develop your brain.” Your emotional health is just as important as your physical health. With Happify, you can customize your goals through finding more me-time or handing stress more effectively. The app offers tracks that are designed by an expert, with games, tips and exercises to keep your brain motivated, stress-free and happy.

  1.    Couch to 5K – for iOS and Android

If you’re looking for something that really gets you moving, this app has a 9-week program to help you get off the couch and ready to run a 5K. You’ll get three workouts each week that meet your level of fitness. If you’ve got a canine buddy willing to train with you, make sure to check out the resources for Pooch to 5K.

  1.     Power Nap App – for iOS

If you love cats and naps, you’ll enjoy this app that combines the two. Experts recommend a power nap of 10 to 20 minutes to get a quick burst of alertness. This app has the relaxing sounds of kitties to wake you up gently after a short downtime.