Five Home Security Technologies

Safety in the home has always been a concern. The home is where people should feel the most protected and sheltered, though this can be an easy target for criminals. With burglary odds as high as 1 in 14 in some cities, people have every right to be paranoid. 

Luckily, there are endless safety precautions people can take to ensure that they never become a part of this statistic. With the help of technology, the average person can take their home security to the next level, crushing the fears of safety breaches in your home. These are the latest and greatest innovations of home protection that you should consider implementing in your house… 

Ring Video Doorbell 

If you jump a little every time the doorbell rings when you aren’t expecting guests, this technology could be just the fix. This upgrade to the old-school peephole allows you to view what’s happening at your doorstep without ever leaving the comfort of your bed or couch. Plus you’ll get notifications when motion is detected so you can see who’s at your door even if they don’t alert you or when you’re not home. 

Smart Garage Hub 

You don’t need to be within a certain range to open and close your garage door anymore. With an easy upgrade, you can control your garage, get notifications when it’s opened or closed, or program it to follow a specific schedule. Similar to the video doorbell, you no longer need to be home to have eyes on the happenings of your abode – you can control it all with the tap of a few buttons. 

August Smart Lock 

Forget taps of a button, this next-level technology will unlock your door when it senses the owner in the presence. Locks and keys are so last decade, this combines deadbolts with Bluetooth and internet-powered technology to ensure that only the people you want to have access to your home will be able to get in. 

Voice Activated Home Regulation Systems 

If Alexa is your best friend, you can add even more personal assistants into the mix. While they might be the most well-known, Amazon and Google are far from the only companies to tap into the voice-activated home assistant market. There are several alternatives that offer not only convenient features but also ones that can improve home security with a simple command. 

Wearable Emergency Alert Device 

In an emergency situation, you may not always have the opportunity to make a phone call or send a text. With wearable devices, you can program technology to alert officials when you’re in need of help. This has been a revolutionary addition to the medical field, though it can also be applied to general safety. 

Each of these devices may be a cool addition to your home, but they can also have serious life-saving features. All of these technological advancements should be used to our advantage to reduce the odds of falling victim to crimes. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!