Fix Your Broken iPad

Shortly after I received my iPad in the mail, I made a mistake and found that I had damaged the device. I was trying to do to many things at once and the iPad suffered. With my iPad in my hand I turned the corner to enter into a bedroom in my home. Close to the bedroom entry way is a dresser and because I was a bit careless, I bumped the iPad up against the dresser.

When I heard the slight bang I realized something was wrong. When I looked down at the iPad and inspected the device I found no cracks on the screen or shattered glass. Taping, touching, and swiping the screen all worked properly. I thought I was in the clear and then I pressed the power button to turn off the iPad screen. But the power button didn’t “click” like usual. In fact, it didn’t move at all. In its place was a stiff piece of plastic and a dent.

broken-ipad.pngAt first I thought all I had lost was the ability to take screen shots (press the center button and power button at the same time) but quickly realized that the iPad wasn’t going to function as I had come accustom to. The jammed power button was pressing against the internal component that signaled the iPad to ask if I wanted to turn off the iPad. This didn’t happen continually, but if you jiggled or shifted the iPad at all then you were quickly prompted with the shut down request.

I didn’t get the iPad fixed at first, I lasted as long as possible by simply clicking the “cancel” button anytime the shutdown prompt presented it self. But as time passed it become more and more difficult to use the iPad. I finally gave in and decided to get it fixed.

Fix Your Broken iPad

My search for a repair service for the iPad landed me at The Texas based company was recommended to me by someone that had their Nexus One fixed recently. The company website offered iPad repair services and after discussing with one of their representatives that promised me they could quickly fix my iPad, I packed up the device and put it in the mail in rout to Texas. received my iPad shortly after and called me to discuss the repair. I explained that I wasn’t worried about the dent, just needed a fully functional power button and they agreed to fix it in the next day or two. Unfortunately it took a bit longer. The specific part that was damaged in the iPad was not in their repair part package. They ordered the part from China but when it arrived it didn’t fit the device as expected. After discussing with me an additional time, agreed to take apart a semi-functional iPad they had in their store and use its parts for other repair services. Once the iPad was repaired they mailed it back to me.

I opened the shipping package to find my iPad looking almost new. They had bent out the dent and now you can barely tell it was ever damaged. I took the device through an entire testing cycle and found everything to be working properly. I’ve had the iPad back to me for about a month now and have not had one problem with the device. fixed my iPad as they said they would, it just took a bit longer than I had originally hoped.

I now keep my iPad in this incredible protective case to help protect it from me being careless. If your iPad is damaged, its worth taking the time to get it repaired.