Four Reasons to Ditch Cable

The way we watch television has drastically changed over the past few years. From fuzzy, black-and-white-only entertainment to crystal clear 3D images, the quality of content delivered to audiences has certainly improved. On top of that, viewers now have several options on how they watch their favorite television shows and movies. 

Whether you want to watch on your television, laptop, or phone, if a device connects to the internet, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to streaming services, viewers can tune in to their favorite content from anywhere at any time. With all the convenient features of these platforms, it’s time to ditch the expensive cable bills all together. 

You’ll never miss an episode. 

Streaming services are designed to fit into busy schedules. Gone are the days in which you must be home by 8:00 sharp to catch your favorite reality TV show. With streaming services, content is waiting for you whenever you want it. Plus, you don’t have to hope there’s something you want to watch on your favorite channel at that particular hour. 

Original content is addictive. 

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO are all producing their own series and movies to try to compete with each other. While not all Netflix original series are major successes, they have a way of stirring up the internet. Subscribing is the only way to tune into the flicks that all your friends are raving or complaining about. 

There’s a healthy balance of classics. 

Of course, streaming services are not just full of original content. If you want to indulge in a 90s classic, there are dozens of options for you to choose from. Platforms have even tried to tap into these audiences by revamping retired fan favorites. From Gilmore Girls to Full House, there are countless revivals that are exclusive to streaming platforms. 

Many platforms are introducing live features. 

One of the only things cable has over streaming services is real-time TV. For many sporting events and award shows, cable providers are the only way for audiences to tune in live. But with add-on packages like Hulu Live TV, streaming platforms are beginning to cut this leverage all together. 

Cable bills can be expensive, especially when there’s a significantly cheaper alternative. This alternative cost can be reduced even further if you can convince a roommate or family member to go in on a plan with you. Streaming services offer more options and convenience, that this switch should be a no-brainer.