Free iPhone Calls With Viber

One thing everyone is interested in is getting something for Free. That’s the latest promise from Viber, a VOIP application for the iPhone that promises free calls from Viber to Viber users.

At its core, Viber is a solid application that lets users quickly and easily find friends and contacts that also have Viber and then make calls to them through the Application for Free.

Free-iPhone-Calls.pngViber relies heavily on your contact list in your phone app on your iPhone. It pulls in your contacts (with your permission) to the app and then lets you see which of your contacts are also using Viber. Click a user with Viber, click the call with Viber button and you’ll be quickly connected to your friends and family that are also using the application.

One weakness in the app is that you have to go to the Viber application and internal contact list to see which of your contacts have the app installed on their iPhones. But, to the apps defense, it also includes all the contact information for an individual and can make normal calls to phone numbers directly from within Viber. For you to really take advantage of the benefits that Viber has to offer, you’d need to have it replace your standard Phone app.

With Apple allowing Viber into the iPhone App store its clear that they’ve moved away from worrying about apps the mimic or replicate apps already available on the phone as 90% of the Viber application is the native phone app. The last 10% is the ability to quickly see who else has Viber that you can call without using your mobile minutes.

Viber is quick and easy to setup and can also be used for making Free international iPhone calls to other Viber users. While I’m not as excited about the app as Techcrunch, I do believe it has the potential to replace my standard Phone app on my iPhone quick launch bar.

Viber works over 3g and Wifi and promises Free iPhone Calls to anyone called that is also using Viber.