Patience is a Virtue! Team Fortress 2 is Now Free

Years ago when I brought home my first Mac I was quick to setup Boot Camp and Windows XP. I did this not because I wanted to be able to use Microsoft Office or check my websites in Internet Explorer. I installed Windows so I could play the latest games and access Valve’s steam network for titles like Counter-Strike: Source & Team Fortress 2.

A couple of years ago Valve brought their great library to Macs and allowed us to join in on the fun. Now, Valve has decided to give away one of their great titles for Free.

Team Fortress 2 is Free… Forever

With this move, Team Fortress 2 has become the highest rated free game of all time. That is a significant accomplishment when you think about historic free games like Doom that helped revolution the PC gaming industry.

One of the best features of Team Fortress 2 is many different character classes you can select from. From sharp-shooting snipers to engineers that build defensive machines and healing stations; the game really has something for everyone.

As the title describes the idea is to work as a team to accomplish capture-the-flag type or map control missions as a team.

Is Valve Scared of the Mac App Store?

While they are giving away the game for free on both the PC and the Mac one may believe that the main goal of giving away this game is to get Valve’s steam platform on more computers. Like the Mac App Store Valve’s Steam store lets you manage an online library of games and other software that you can quickly install and keep up to date many of the latest and greatest games.

Apple’s Mac App store as well as stores being offered from Amazon and eventually Microsoft may have Valve worrying. Apple’s Mac store must be especially worrisome to Valve as it will come pre-installed on all new Macs making it especially enticing for developers to sell there games on.

By giving away free games that are very popular, Valve maybe hoping to push their way into as many Macs as possible. Once Steam is installed on your computer, it will launch with every boot-up and of course let you know about the latest sales the store has for you as well as the games your friends are playing and purchasing.

No matter what the reason, I appreciate Valve giving away one of the best game of the decade.